Hi friends! Welcome to fortytwoandtwo! What is forty-two and two exactly? When I turned 39 I married my prince charming and I had our happily-ever-after all planned out…traveling to new places, lots of biking on new trails, going where we wanted, when we wanted, you get the idea. One month into our marriage we found out we were expecting a baby. Uh, a baby was not in my well-laid plans! The icing on the cake was every doctors appointment I got to hear how “at your age” this, and “at your age” that. Blah. Needless to say I have the cutest little boy I could have ever dreamed up, but I still get the “at your age” comments. Oh brother!

So, I was thinking that there has to be other moms that has little kids “at my age” that has had a similar experience. This is a place to share those experiences, but to also show that age is just a number! With age come wisdom, and I’ve been through the parenting thing twice already with my daughters, so this one will be a breeze. Well, maybe not! He is actually a hand full, so I could use the support of other more mature moms!!

Also, on this website we have a book club featuring Christian books and authors, and also, my new love….Bible journaling. If you aren’t sure what that is about or you are curious to learn more, take a look while you are here!!