Take a Look at my Bible Flip Through Video for Fresh Ideas in Your Own Bible Journaling!

Hello everyone! I’ve prepared a Bible “flip-through” so you can see some different mediums you can use while journaling your faith in your Bible! I enjoy watching all kinds of flip through videos of others Bible journaling adventures and hope you enjoy this one as well!! Here is a highlight of a few of my favorite entries from the video.

My Permission Pages - www.fortytwoandtwo.com
My Permission Pages

My first entry is my version of Lauren’s permission pages over at thinkingcloset.com. I just love the idea of these permission pages because when I first got my Bible I had one little teeny weeny rule for myself and that was that I did not want to cover any of the words in my Bible. Well, that didn’t go so well as my very first entry I covered words. Thankfully, around that time I stumbled on Lauren’s permission pages that allowed me to write a reminder in my Bible that mistakes are going to happen and that is OKAY!! A lot like life — stuff happens, but you just get yourself up and back in there!!

Cameron’s Handprints inspired by Amy & Joshua

These are my son, Cameron’s, handprints. I used acrylic paint to cover his chubby little hands and then place them on some cute scrapbook paper. This idea came from a post that someone made on Facebook about her young, four-year old son’s drowning. She encouraged the readers not take this Bible journaling stuff so seriously and to remember what is really important in this life. Perfection in your Bible journaling was not on this list! Holding tight to your children, or grandchildren, or anyone you love is what matters. You can read more about this on another blog post I have here.

Illustrated Faith Print and Pray Shop
Images from Illustrated Faith Print and Pray Shop – Promises of the Lord download.

This was super fun page to do. I downloaded the images from Illustrated Faith’s Print and Pray Shop, cut the pieces apart and applied to my margins! For the background I used some watercolors and some color shine spray by Heidi Swapp. Very easy and turned out so cute!

Illustrated Faith Print and Pray Shop also used stamp by Close to My Heart.
Illustrated Faith – Print and Pray Good to Grow Series by Elaine Davis. Ohio stamp is from Close to My Heart.

This is another Print and Pray download by Elaine Davis. This is the Good to Grow series and it was also a lot of fun. I combined my Ohio stamp by Close to My Heart (they probably have your state, too!) to go with some of the wordfetti that came in the download. I also used some fun stickers that I picked up the Dollar General.

So that is just a few of my favorite entries. I hope these inspired you to grab your Bible and sit down with the Lord and create something fun that allows you to get lost in God’s presence.

Please share your comments or questions with me, and if you have a flip through of your own I would love to be inspired by YOU!






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  1. I LOVE your pages Kim!! There are so many great downloads it’s hard to choose! I’m a little slow getting started, but I’ll get there.

    Love you,


    1. Thanks Tara, take your time! It will all be here when you are ready. I think you are my biggest fan 😉