How to Use Bubble Wrap to Lay Color in Your Bible

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your fall season and getting in a lot of fun activities with family and friends! I wanted to share with you a (new-to-me) Bible journaling technique. Maybe this is new to you, too, and you can have a little fun trying it out. It is super-easy! It’s painting using bubble wrap! Seriously!

Finished Product using a bubble wrap technique
Finished page using bubble wrap and Print & Pray Shop items from Illustrated Faith.

I noticed more and more people using  this technique online, so I thought I would give it a go. The best part was that I actually had bubble wrap on hand, as we had just moved to a new home. I rarely have the supplies needed on hand, so this was a bonus.

Supplies for Bubble Wrap Technique
Supplies Used: bubble wrap, acrylic paint, paint brush, Print & Pray items

For this entry in Matthew 6:34,  I pulled out some acrylic paint that would match some of the colors from the Print & Pray Shop items that I was using. I pulled some orange, white, and some peach color paints. I also used some green color as a finishing effect.

Then I simply cut apart some small pieces of bubble wrap and using a paint brush, brushed a little bit on the raised bubble side and gently patted where I wanted to lay the color on the page.

I started with the orange color and then went in again with the peach color to knock back some of the intensity of the orange. I went in again with a small amount of the white paint. I didn’t need much white, as the peach color really blended nicely with the bright orange.

Using acrylic paint to add a splash of color to my Bible journaling page.
Using a paint brush, apply some paint to the raised bubble side of the bubble wrap

This may look a little funky at first, but just stick with it, I promise once you start laying out your pieces you are using either from a kit, or like I did, from the Print & Pray Shop, everything comes together.

Once I was happy with the color effect, I used my heat tool to dry the paint. I then used the pieces from the Celebrate Your Season set from the Print and Pray Shop from Illustrated Faith. This set is one of the more expensive sets, as it comes as a workshop where you can have access to some process videos in addition to the artwork. I waited until there was a sale going on and was able to purchase the workshop at a discounted price.

Adding color to my Bible using acrylic paint and bubble wrap
Effect of the bubble wrap technique

But, there are a lot of fun fall sets over there right now that are just a few dollars. That is why I do like that option they provide. Plus you can use them over and over, as many times as you want to print them off.

Okay, after everything was laid out, I used my tape runner to adhere everything down where I wanted, and then this is where, in the picture above, you will see some green foil. I wanted to do some foiling along with this, but I don’t think I am using the proper glue, because it was an epic fail. So, instead I just used my paint brush to make some green leaves scattered across the page.

Bible Journal Entry Using a Bubble Wrap Paint Technique
Finished product!

I finished off with some black paint splatters and some journaling.  I think this page turned out so adorable and it was so stinkin’ easy!

So, next time you come across some bubble wrap, pick a little up and have some fun creating on a cold fall day!

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment. Also, if you like this blog post, please share with someone you think might like it as well!

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