Hesitant to Journal in Your Bible?

When I am admiring someone’s amazing Bible journaling skills on Pinterest or Instagram, a lot of times I come across a comment that someone will leave saying, “I love your journaling, but I could NEVER, EVER, EVER do that to my Bible.”

Can anyone relate? I can. When I was a young girl, I went to a Pentecostal church with my grandmother, and I can clearly remember her views on what you should and should not wear to church, and it was well-known what you could and could not do in the sanctuary — you get the idea.

I also very clearly remember my “gramma” writing little notes in her bible, such as who preached a sermon containing a certain verse and what the date was. She made her underlines on verses that stood out to her, or ones that she wanted to dig a little deeper into the meaning. In a word, she was journaling in her Bible! It just wasn’t called journaling and it wasn’t quite as elaborate as today’s Bible journaling. But, it was basically the same idea.

When I first came across some of the creations people dream up, I was in awe, but kind of had the same mind-set that I could not “deface” my Bible.

I think my fear came more from thinking that I’m not an artist and I didn’t want to mark up my Bible with ugly chicken scratches, than the fear of God’s wrath upon me.

The truth is, when I open my Bible and I am intentional about finding a verse that means something to me, that I can apply to my life and apply to my Bible journaling experience, God is pleased! I am getting more out of HIs word, and excited to spend time with Him and getting to know Him better. I am learning more because I want to search deep into God’s words to find verses that stand out to me, and verses that can be made into a journal page. A page I made that will help remember that verse, so I not only write it on my Bible page, but I also write it on my heart. I can pull that verse up in my head during the day better than I could have just randomly skimming verses.

1 Corinthians 12:4 says, “There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them.”

Having the ability to make beautiful creations that are inspired by God and His word, is a gift straight from God. He delights in you using your gifts to help others and to grow stronger in your walk with Him.

Some of the things people have done in their Bibles just amazes me, and I am blessed by it. It encourages me to open my Bible and spend more time with my Lord and Savior. 

Now, am I saying to go find grandma’s heirloom Bible and go to town coloring? Don’t you dare!! Maybe not even your own Bible. There are Bible’s made specifically for the purpose of journaling or coloring. That is the avenue I chose, instead of going crazy in the Bible I carry to church or in a Bible that I have had for nearly 20 years, I instead purchased a Bible made for journaling.

Still not convinced, but have an itch to try out this journaling craze? Try keeping a beautiful journal or I have seen some Ah-mazing things done with planners, as well.  Anything that leads you to spend time with God is a good thing. Even coloring in your Bible.

I am currently using the NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible . This Bible has illustrations already provided and also has blank margins to do your own creating or note taking. Other popular choices are the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible , My Creative Bible, or the Inspire Bible . There are also Interleaved Bibles that contain a lot of blank pages, so you do not have to journal on the written pages at all!

Share your thoughts on Bible journaling. Also, please share your creations!!



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