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When my son was around 5 months old I learned about Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. This program sends free books to millions of children each month. Mine included! Cameron loves to get his book every month and it is absolutely free!

It took me a minute to wrap my mind around that concept. My child signs up on a website and gets a brand new book delivered to our home every month for free?! No strings, no commitment, nothing I need to do?! Nope, that is it!!

I want to say that he will get these books until he is 5 years old, but I’m not sure that is completely accurate, so if any of you know the age limit for sure, please let me know.

I read to my son every single night and, I’m telling you, his vocabulary at just turning two is pretty impressive. I’m positive that reading to him often has had a big impact in that area.

My local library has a sign-up area on their website. Your local library probably does too! You can also register your child directly on the Imagination Library website here.

Summertime is the perfect time to get your children involved in reading. It helps their own imaginations soar and is an awesome aid in developing their learning skills well before they are old enough to enter school.

What are some of your child’s favorite books? My son likes to read Arthur, McDuff, Llama, Llama, and lots of others. Share with us your child’s favorites in the comment section.

Also, for the adults, check out my bookshelf page here to see what I’m reading!

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