Soaked In Scripture Series – Memorizing the Bible One Verse at a Time – Week 1

Soaked In Scripture Series – Memorizing the Bible One Verse at a Time – Week 1

If you are anything like me, memorizing scripture is not an easy task. I have a few favorites that I have memorized and that is it. That is NOT a good thing!!

There are so many reasons that having scripture memorized is so very important. This time last year my mom passed away. No one knew that she was sick and within a month she was gone. I knew that my mom believed in God, but I was not sure what her personal relationship with Jesus really was so when I was not at the hospital with her, I was looking up scriptures that I could take back with me to talk to her about. When I spoke with her she was able to nod her head to let me know that she heard me and that she believed Jesus was her Lord and Savior. I know where my mom is now and that brings me tremendous comfort. But, it would have been nice to have had those verses memorized!

Many of us do not carry a Bible with us every where we go and we don’t know when we may happen upon a situation that leaves us wishing we did have it with us. Say, driving in traffic and someone cuts us off. That is a good time to know a good scripture about patience and loving others. We can’t just pop open our Bible while we are driving, so having some of those memorized is important.

So, I am challenging myself to learn scripture. I always say, “I can’t memorize verses” not true!! If I can memorize my address and phone number than I can memorize Bible verses.

In this series we will focus on one Bible verse each week and I will share tips and tricks on ways to help commit the verses to memory.

This week’s verse is Psalm 100:5

For the Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting, And His truth endures to all generations (NKJV).

Tips for learning this week’s scripture verse:

  1. Talk to God about your desire to learn His word. Prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit to come along side you and help you in this endeavor to learn new verses.
  2. Write the scripture out on an index card and carry it with you everywhere you go and refer to it often throughout your day.
  3. Write the scripture out on a sticky note and stick it to places that you spend time the most e.g. the bathroom mirror, your computer screen, current book you are reading, anywhere!
  4. Find the scripture online and save the image as your background on your computer or phone.
  5. Illustrate the scripture in your Bible. You can do this with a pen and underline the verse or use a highlighter to highlight the verse. I have a journaling Bible, so I used stamps and color to really add an image that ‘pops’ to may page.
  6. Write the verse out several times on notebook paper. Did anyone ever have to write lines in school? “I will not stick gum in little Penny’s hair” 500 times? Same idea here.


Soaked In Scripture Series featuring Joy Clair Stamp Set
This Prayer Warrior Knows Her Bible!!

This week’s illustration was made by using a stamp set by Joy Clair, Distress Inks, Watercolor Pencils, Watercolors, Pen. These will be listed below if you would like to check them out along with the process!

Please share with me and let me know if you are taking part in this challenge so I can encourage you throughout the week. If you have tips to share on how you find success in memorizing verses, please let us know! Sign up for these weekly verses to be sent directly to your email!

Process For Prayer Warrior Page

To get this image in my Bible I used the Prayer Warrior Stamp set from Joy Clair. I prepped this page using two coats of clear gesso. I laid the first coat then dried it with my heat gun, then I laid the second coat. I wanted to use embossing powder on my image to make the stamped image glossy and raised, so the ink pad I used was a pigment ink in black. If you do not want to use embossing powder you can just use a permanent ink pad of your choice. After I stamped everything that I wanted onto my page, I covered the still wet image with clear embossing powder. Then I took my heat gun and went over the image until the entire image became glossy. Love this method of stamping!! Make sure you keep the heat on until it becomes glossy!

Then I started the painting process. I used watercolor pencils on this warrior’s hair (I used a cranberry color). For the feathers in her headdress I used Distress Markers. These markers are water based, so they double as watercolors which is super cool because you get so much for your money! I chose the colors I wanted from the markers (which is the Marketplace series – Mowed Lawn, Picked Raspberry and Seedless Preserves) and then used my Bible mat as a palette of sorts. I just colored the marker onto the mat and then added a bit of water with my brush and then went for it.

After I was all done with the painting, I stamped my image of the warrior again onto plain printer paper and then cut that out to act like a mask. I placed the mask over the image in my Bible that I already had all colored because I did not want the colors I used for the background to touch the warrior!! Once I had my image masked I used several different Distress Inks (Mermaid Lagoon, Broken China, Peacock Feathers, Picked Raspberry, Wilted Violet) for my background and blended them all together with my blending tool. Once I had my background complete, I added in my journaling. I simply made some underlines and journaled the verse and added the P.U.S.H. (pray until something happens) sentiment as well. Voila– page complete!

Supplies Used

Prayer Warrior Stamp Set

Distress Inks

Watercolor Pencils

Faber  РCastellPitt Artist Pen


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  1. I agree that scripture memory is important for those times when we don’t have access to tangible or digital Bibles. Having scriptures hidden in my heart have been a saving grace on many occasions!