Permission Pages Allow You to Make Mistakes in Your Bible Journaling Journey

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My sweet, sweet husband bought me my first journaling Bible in February of 2017. I was so excited to start!! I had one rule, ONE rule!! No covering words in the Bible. My very first entry, guess what?? Yep, I covered words in my Bible! I was so upset that I was on the brink of deciding this journaling stuff wasn’t for me when I came across a blog by Lauren at

My Permission Pages -
My Permission Page helps me accept not-so-perfect pages.

Permission Pages! How genius! She created permission pages for just that reason that I wanted to quit. Because she knows words will get covered, pages will get wrinkled and crinkled, pages my bleed through or stick together. Stuff will happen that you didn’t quite intend to happen when working with paints, and stickers, and washi tape.

Isn’t that a lot like life? Things happen that you didn’t plan, things get messy and go the wrong way. You messed up —again –when you were sure that THIS TIME you had it all together. Messes happen in Bible journaling and in life. Thankfully, we serve a Lord that understands messy. He gets it!! He doesn’t expect us to be perfect, so why do we expect perfection out of ourselves? He loves us mess and all. In life and in Bible journaling.

Please don’t beat yourself up over a page that didn’t turn out right or the dinner that you burnt!! Be sure to check out the Thinking Closet and take a look at how she came up with this fabulous idea. You can find her page here.

Blessing until next time!


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