A Mom’s Story of Losing Her Son Puts Bible Journaling in Perspective

Perfection…how many of us try to achieve this on a daily basis? I know I do. Perfection is wasted energy, especially in the eyes of Jesus. He’s not wanting perfection from us. He’s not interested if your page is cuter than Jane’s page. He wants YOU, just as you are. Messy hair, don’t care!

When I first started Bible journaling, I would get a little upset if my page wasn’t turning out the way I had hoped, or if ideas weren’t flooding my head at a rapid pace. Who am I kidding? I still get a little upset at times and strive for perfection.

Sweet Joshua

Let me tell you a story that puts that stinkin’ thinkin’ in perspective. There is a lady that is part of the Illustrated Faith Bible Journaling Community on Facebook, her name is Amy, and one day she posted a testimony that hit me straight in the gut (and heart). She posted a sweet picture of her little boy Joshua’s handprints in her Bible . She went on to say that those handprints were placed in her Bible by the funeral home after her son had drowned. She shared how she understood that we all want our Bibles to be pretty and look just so, but she would give anything to have her son with her to write in her journaling Bible.  There was a bright spot to her story, though, when she shared of her son’s love for Jesus.  He told her just that day that Jesus lived in his heart.

Her story was touching in itself, but even more so, because I have a two-year old son. He is the cutest little thing, and can be so, so sweet. But, sometimes he can be the most ornery kid ever. He always chooses to sit on my lap when I am trying to do my journaling. Now, ladies you know, journaling time is YOUR time with Jesus, and when you get on a roll, interruptions aren’t fun. I’ve had several times I have encouraged him to go play or watch television,  In truth — he’s bothering me!

After hearing Amy’s story, I now let my boy sit on my lap, or encourage him to color in a chair beside me. I’m not only an imperfect Bible journaler (is that a word?), I am an imperfect mom. I still have days I lose my patience with him. He really, really tries my patience some days, as you might understand if you have kids.

Please keep Amy’s testimony deep in your heart. The Bible tells us to ‘train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it’, (Proverbs 22:6). We have a golden opportunity to teach our little ones about Jesus through our Bible journaling time.

Cameron’s Handprints inspired by Amy & Joshua

This picture of my little boy’s handprints were inspired by Amy and Joshua and a reminder that I have the most precious gift that God could have ever given me, and that I should be grateful for each moment with him. Our kids are God’s, he lets us enjoy them for a time. Even if your kids live to be one-hundred years old, your time with them is too short!



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    1. You’re welcome! I wrote this yesterday and by last night I needed the reminder again! We have seriously precious boys..

  1. Thanks for sharing Amy and Joshua’s story! Touching and beautiful. It makes me wish my kids, and 7 yr. old granddaughter, were that age again….. the “terrible two’s.” I’ll get to enjoy that age again with future grandchildren and not have to worry about being such a perfectionist! ~ Blessings to You

    1. This is a fun, but very trying age!! Yes, grandmas can enjoy their little ones and then send them home 🙂 I can’t believe your granddaughter is 7!