So, What Supplies Do I REALLY Need to Start Bible Journaling?

If you have asked yourself, “So, what supplies to I really NEED to start Bible journaling,” I can help! I first ran across the idea of Bible journaling on Pinterest, and wow, it knocked my socks off! But, before I could even find my socks again, I was quickly overwhelmed with this beautiful and awesome form of worship! Sure, I make notes in my Bible, and highlight here and there, but this is way beyond all of that. This is watercolors, and acrylic paint, and hand lettering beauty!  Stickers and stamps and tip-ins and tip-outs….whew.

I did not know some of this stuff existed, let alone that I could use them in my Bible. So many supplies, where do you even begin? And, don’t get me started on the price of my “wish list”! Yikes!

So, I’m going to tell you, like I told myself, “breathe, slow down, think about this Cookie Monster!”

I quickly became so overwhelmed by it all that I almost just watched from the sidelines. So, what do you really, really, really need to start your Bible journaling adventure? Well, you need a Bible, of course!

And, a really cute pen! And some highlighters!! I love my highlighter made especially for highlighting in my Bible. These types of highlighters are “dry” and they don’t bleed through your pages. I bought my highlighter from the bookstore at my church, but I will include a link for some that I think will work just as well.

I can no longer find these little gems at my local Walmart where I originally bought them. Be on the lookout because they are a nice basic journaling supply to have!

I also purchased a really cheap pack of gel highlighters from Walmart. They were a Casemate brand, but I can no longer find them at my local store. But, I love those and I wish I would’ve stocked up. They also do not bleed through the thin Bible pages. So, if you see some at your local Walmart, I highly encourage you to grab a pack! They also blend really well, so you can highlight your text and then take your finger and rub over it for a cool blended look.

Fun sticky notes are also a nice basic journaling supply. They provide extra space to journal your prayers, thoughts, or notes. Also, sticky notes are a big plus if you do not currently have a Bible designed for journaling.

Guess, what?! That’s my list! That is all you need to start journaling in your Bible. Really, if you want to break this list down further, all you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY NEED is to make time to meet with Jesus on a daily basis. That is the foundation and the whole point of journaling, to experience God on a deeper level.

Then when you are out and about, pick up a pack of stickers, or some colored pencils. Start picking up one item a week and your stash will quickly grow. When I took my next step I purchased the starter kit  from llustrated Faith. This kit is a nice way to get your supplies going. It includes stickers, some acrylic paint, a Bible mat, a devotional, and other cute items. Take a look!

Again, take your time and enjoy this new way of getting to know your God!



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