Surviving the Terrible Twos!!

Mommy and Cameron (forty-two and two)!

This is Cameron. He is the “two” of “forty two and two”. He is the cutest, most fun-loving little boy ever, but he has a dark side. It’s a condition called the temper-tantrums of the terrible twos. This condition has brought this mama to tears, and had me considering jumping in my car and driving forever!

Now, I know this is a temporary condition and this stage shall pass, but how do I keep my cool in the meantime? There has been days that I have felt like a complete failure as his mom because it seems I can’t control these outbursts. They sneak up out of nowhere and usually in full public view. I have suggested to my husband that we just stay indoors until he is 18, but my husband enjoys the outdoors.

The bright side to his dark side is that I run to my Bible often and pray fervently for strength and patience. God will get me through this time, with reminders that I will miss these days, and that Cameron is the most precious gift I could have received from God.

God will also give me moments of little chubby hands grabbing mine and telling me to “c’mon mommy”. He will allow me to feel little boy kisses and hugs. He will open my ears to hear my son tell me how pretty I am and that he loves me. He will keep my heart from exploding when my boy tells me “no go to work, sit down, mommy!”

Yes, God will get me through this time and give me the strength I need for another day.

Are you a mom experiencing the “terrible twos” (or threes or fours or fives)? Then please leave me a comment with your go-to tips on keeping your sanity! I could use all the encouragement that I could get right now!!



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  1. Aww aren’t you too cute! You know I love having boys I would love to have those days back. I had Nick perfectly trained if he missed behaved he knew to go to his room and sit on his time out stool till I came to get him. Drew it didn’t work so good Lol. We have one chance to make that imprint on them just make it count. Your a wonderful mother loom at your girls they are perfect….Love You

    1. Aw, thanks Michelle! Maybe we should invest in a time out stool! Literally after I wrote this I heard a commercial, I guess on the radio that was saying how important time is to our children. So, to get down to their level and really interact with them means so much more than words or anything else could.

  2. “Hey honey” lol they have bad days just like us too. The only problem is they don’t have the words to express their frustration…..and they can’t drink wine! You are so right we will miss these days! It’s hard to remember that when you are at the eye dr and your two year old is pulling off all the glasses wanting to try them all on and all I can think is God please don’t let him break them!!! My first was a cake walk my second was tough but this kid just gets a free pass because he’s the only boy and def. the last!!! You are a great mom!

    1. Yes, thanks for the reminder of how cute he can be, honey! Yes, it’s just a phase, but it’s a doozy 🙂 I have a feeling that maybe this is what Mike was like at that age. lol. You’re right, it must be frustrating for them to not be able to express themselves. I would throw a fit, too, I suppose. Cameron has a “thing” with my glasses, too…ha!